TattleTale™ Alarms

The Tattletale™ series of wireless alarms are designed for portability and easy set-up. Taking advantage of wireless and battery back-up technologies, the Tattletale will function even if, as part of a break-in attempt, your phone and power lines are cut.

Each Tattletale™ base unit features:

  • a 3 Watt cell radio for wireless central station monitoring
  • a 900MHz, 2000 foot range wireless transciever for communication with up to sixteen accessories per base station
  • a PIR motion detector to detect unauthorized entry
  • a tilt/shake/tamper detector to detect attempts to disable the alarm unit
  • a 115DB siren, loud enough to “wake the dead”
  • a safety strobe alarm light, which flashes continuously when an alarm event occurs
  • a ten-hour internal battery backup to provide security even when the power goes out


Tattletale™ optional accessories include:

  • an auxiliary mobile power supply, for sites where electrical service is unavailable
  • door & window open sensors
  • indoor & outdoor motion sensors
  • wired or wireless auxiliary outdoor siren/strobe combinations
  • signal boosters to extend the 2000 foot range between the base station and wireless optional components
  • audible glass break sensors
  • smoke detectors
  • cable loop sensors to protect vehicles, bicycles, ladders, etc. from theft
  • keychain remote control


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